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Scripture Meditation Series

narrated by Sam Beckworth



Practical application in Scripture memorization


For the more aggressive disciple of Christ, this flagship product of the Scripture Meditation Series is a practical, effective, and measurable plan for Scripture memorization.


Each topical volume contains an average of fifty Scriptures. Memorization is achieved through a specially developed system of hearing and repeating. A printable data file containing Scripture passages is also included in each volume.


Available and upcoming SMS volumes include subjects such as "The Word", "Entering God's Rest", "Identity in Christ", and many more.


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About the Series


Many passionate and well-meaning Christians are ill-equipped. Consequently they are overwhelmed by the enemy and living a life of defeat. Yet the Holy Spirit speaks clearly through the Apostle Paul that, "All Scripture is given… so that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work."

Through proper Bible meditation, the disciple of Christ can make his way prosperous and have good success.


This "Scripture Meditation Series" gives the believer an opportunity to memorize Scripture through an easy to follow process.

By employing the biblical principles of both hearing and speaking the Word, the tool in your hands will help you to memorize His Living Word.


However, be warned, if the "it is written" truly gets into your heart while spoken out of your mouth, you might get the same results the Lord Himself did. Prepare yourself for victory.



About the Narrator


Sam Beckworth is the senior pastor of Faith Summit Church, which he planted along with his wife, Kimberly, in 2005. They have two beautiful daughters and reside in Clovis, California.



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